This is my first article in english (i learn english)

This application are result of six years work at preparing cycle marathon, in the beginning in Radlin (two editions) at last in Mszana (four editions).

Two days ago (13.07.2019) I powered off website and database.  First version was used in june 2013, each subsequent one version was builded afresh.

I published source files in Github:

Very short description of application.

This marathon is specific because he lasts twenty-four hours, it all depends whu choose distances. We have ten distances, all distances have limits time:

  • 50 km – 3 hours,
  • 100 km – 5 hours,
  • 150 km – 7,5 hours,
  • 200 km – 8 hours,
  • 300 km – 24 hours,
  • 400 km – 24 hours,
  • 500 km – 24 hours,
  • 600 km – 24 hours
  • 700 km – 24 hours,
  • 750 km – 24 hours

One lap is long at 100 km or 50 km, distances longer at 150 km they have a multiple of laps .

Application have two parts:

  • First part, have website for registration participants, results, starting lists and part of managment
  • part of managment – simple add paraticipants, entering information about the starting fee, change starting groups or distance, create and print certificate
  • Second part responds for time registration in the checkpoints

For time registration I use RFID. Every participant get unique number (card) and he registered time in all checkpoints.

Assumptions marathon application (PL)

In the next article I describe details of assumptions in in english language.